Rita's Story

Let me start by saying I first felt really guilty for signing up for Grace and Strength and taking the time to do this program. I felt selfish, but that's what we do as women, put ourselves on the back burner! But then my daughter pointed out that by my taking this time for me, I'm actually giving time to my kids and grandkids by getting healthy. And that is why I started this program, for my family.


Babette's Story

Babette's Story - Have you ever prayed for something for what seems to be forever and felt that God's answer was "It is just the way you are, deal with it!". Before Grace and Strength, that is what I believed to be true. Every new diet craze that even sounded logical, I tried and failed. I was stuck. I wanted to be healthy so that I would not be a burden on my family, so that I could take care of others that needed me, and most of all to serve God to my fullest potential.


Donna's Christian Weight Loss Journey

My journey actually began when I was a child. I started gaining weight when I was around 10 years old. I wasn't obese but I was a little larger than most of my friends. Guess I didn't think much about weight loss until I was in my early twenties. I think I went thru a period of not thinking much of myself, low self-esteem.


Caroline's Christ Centered Weight Loss Journey

My testimony would be that having the support of a great coach, believing in myself, God above guiding me through this fantastic journey, and having more FAITH in myself. The courage to truly BELILEVE in yourself was eye opening! Yes it is a lifestyle change, yes it is a tool but YES it is one that I am so thankful for.


Valerie's Christian Weight Loss Journey

In her own words: Emotional Eater...I have sat at my computer many times attempting to write out my Grace and Strength journey. However, I never could do it until today. Not sure exactly why, other than God was finally ready for me to write it out. Throughout my G & S journey, one word has reigned in my mind "Self-control". Webster dictionary defines self-control as the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires ...


Ready to Start Your Journey?

Are you ready to show YOURSELF some LOVE? Making your well being a priority is not about being selfish. This is about putting yourself first so that you can love and serve others well. We want to see you find wholeness, health, and freedom in every area of your life! We want you to love yourself!

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