More of a heart problem than a head problem - Debbie's Story

My journey with Grace and Strength Lifestyle began in Feb. In the past I had tried many other diet programs, loose weight, only to gain it all back and then some. But my problem with food was more a heart problem then a head problem. I needed to get my heart right with God so that food would no longer control my life. I needed to learn to go to God when I had problems instead of turning to food to comfort me.


I couldn't return to my normal 'pre-childbirth' weight

Wife and mother of two, Victoria, tried for five years to return to her ‘normal' pre-childbirth weight without any success. Even with success in the past with weight management and fitness, she just couldn't get those last 20 pounds to go away. ...but then she found the Grace & Strength Lifestyle. What follows is her story of hope, encouragement, and victory! Thank you for sharing it with us Victoria, and we are so glad you chose us instead of the Tibetan Monks.


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