Bonny's Transformation Interview

Bonny's Transformation Story - In her own words: It took two years, several emails, a webinar, three phone calls, and a black Friday special for me to finally sign up for Grace & Strength. But through it all, God was preparing me for the journey He would take me on through Grace & Strength.


Terra's Story - Christian Weight Loss Program Success Story

I learned that I am not in control but that God is! In my career, I create predictability and set expectations, essentially control situations. My weight is one that I just couldn't get under control. A friend of mine, who I met through business, introduced me to the Grace and Strength Lifestyle, and she said it precisely when she said that I have a great career, great husband (I have a finance), great friends, great life etc … and she also said that I'm angry at the world all the time.


Fun interview with graduate Rachel

Join Us In Celebrating Rachel's Graduation! Today we're joining Coach Monica and Rachel T as they talk about her experience with the program and also some fun commentary on the joys of running! Way to go Rachel! Click on the image above (with the VCR play button) to watch this funny video.


Mary reaches her goal (with video)

Congratulations Mary!!!! Please join us in celebrating Mary who has just reached her goal weight with our Christ centered weight loss program. In this interview, Mary tells us a little about her weight loss journey and some of the victories she experienced.


And so, she decided to start living the life she'd imagined...

If you aren't already living the life you want, today is always the best day to start making it a reality! If a healthier version of you is part of that life you're dreaming about, our Christ centered approach to weight loss can help. Find out more.


Cyndi Benson

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